This is my transformation. This is me becoming a completely different being. To me, turning 30 is the equivalent to being reborn. This life I live, or have lived, I can do without. I’m a mother. A swift attempt at a friend. The roles I fill, to be quite honest, are as impossible to name as the are to fill. Nackia is a hard noun to define. That’s why I’m not listed in Webster’s. Or the phone book.

While turning thirty scares 90% of people, I embrace it. 29, well my twenties in general, was so awkward for me. And now I’m starting this 3rd decade of life in a new city, with new people, hoping to become a new person. I don’t
hate the person I am, but I strongly dislike it.

I’m choosing to blog my thoughts from here on out because, well, FB just isn’t cutting it anymore. I very much expect from this day forward to have so much more to say. I want to open myself up to FEEL and stop hiding from my truths.

So enough rambling for now…ready…set….go.



Hello world!

I’ve lived..I’ve loved…..

On this journey called LIFE and the short 29 7/8’s years I’ve been on earth, I’ve encountered, endured and evaluated so much. I’m excited to once again delve into my passion for words. I’m random, I’m sporadic and I think blogging will help unload all of these thoughts and feelings; almost like the therapy that  I need.

The thoughts, feelings and opinions expressed on this blog are MINE and mine ALONE. The experiences and examples may or may not be…..