Life in the fast lane

Today after the 20 minute drive to the mere vicinity of my sons middle school, I sat in one lane traffic and was struck with how similar life is to traffic. In life, sometimes you are in lanes that you can’t pass because people are flying past in the lane to the other side. So you have to sit, bide your time and wait your turn. You can be held up from reaching your destination waiting for some one ahead of you to make a left turn. This is often held up by those pesky people in that other damn lane trying to reach THEIR destination. But do you REALLY care where those people need to be? Not really, you are concerned with your OWN arrival to your destination. Do you recognize that the people behind you and probably at some point in the other lane are quite possibly thinking the same thing about you?? Do you REALLY care??

Conversely, notice how you wait longer behind a person making a left than a right. If by chance you ARE stalled behind a person turning right, it’s because of their hesitance to go RIGHT.

Let us now examine the HIGHWAY. Yes, the pathway laden with curses and accidents. How often do you find yourself speeding down the highway, bouncing in and out of lanes and then BAM!! Some asshole going the minimum speed limit in YOUR lane *pause* has caused you to slow down and meet their pace? Think of all of the expletives and threats you spew, are they really necessary? Why are you so angry that someone else is moving at their pace and not yours? Because they are stalling you from reaching your destination or because they have the leisure to not have to travel so fast??